DROP – Direct Reverse Osmosis Purifier

Water is the lifeblood of your autoclave. The water quality drastically affects the lifespan of the autoclave chamber and steam generator, as well as the types of loads to sterilize.

Tap water’s quality is not suitable for loading your autoclave, this practice can lead a variety of dissolved minerals and salts that once boiled forms deposits within the steam generator, pipes and valves. These deposits build up over time like layers of paint. As they build up, they decrease the efficiency and functionality of the steam generator in addition to clogging up pipes and valves.


Now Sole comes with DROP, the most innovative, environmentally friendly and economical system to produce demineralized water.

Trident introduces DROP

To avoid autoclave malfunctions caused by the water quality,   Trident has installed in the space of the SOLE’s water tank a Direct Reverse Osmosis Purifier, which filters the water by forcing it through a thin permeable membrane that removes most solid contaminants and dissolved minerals.

DROP will retain the majority of the water contaminants thus helping to prolong the working life of the heating elements in the generator steam.

  • DROP operates with the inlet pressure of water and is equipped with a set of filters to produce around 500 liters of demineralized water.
  • DROP produces water with a conductivity level suitable to protect the steam generator and hoses of the autoclave as well as to guarantee a dry saturated steam of high purity.
  • This system eliminates the purchase and storage of distilled water or any other device for water demineralization.
  • Using DROP the sterilization cycle cost is almost zero with respect to every other system (every sterilization cycle uses 0,5 l of water, the filters guarantee pure water for running 1000 cycles during its life).