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Trident presents the most advanced technology to obtain intra-oral images of the highest quality, in a short time and with a lower dose of radiation.

I-View Gold is perfect to get better results in no time. The sensor covers a wide range of exposure setting, capturing a consistent and diagnosable image under any conditions.
Combine I-View Gold with your traditional X-Ray generator and obtain incredibly detailed images.

  • TWAIN Interface
  • DICOM files format
  • Supports up to 10 network users
  • Bridge function included
Thanks to CMOS technology (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) it is possible to integrate a range of functions into a sensor chip, such as luminosity control, a contrast corrector or an analogue-digital converter.
The advantages of CMOS:
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Cheap (requires few external components)
  • Simultaneous display of multiple Pixels
  • The digital converter can be integrated on the same chip
  • Blooming (“Smear”) reduced or void
  • More flexibility in reading (faster preview, video)
  • Ability to combine various types of pixels (depending on size and sensitivity)

Size 1: 25.4 x 36.8mm
Size 2: 31.3 x 42.9mm
Thickness: 4.8 mm


Detector: CMOS
Pixel size: 18 μm
Theoretical Resolution: 27 lp/mm
Dynamic Range: 12 bit

Direct USB – computer connection
I-VIEW GOLD intraoral sensor is directly connected to your PC with a 3-metre USB cable (connector compatible with a standard 2.0 USB port) The sensor is used as a temporary device and is not connected to the mains power supply; power is provided through the computer.
Deep-View is a modern imaging software designed by Trident to efficiently acquire, organize, store and share digital images. It has a wide range of integrated functions to improve the diagnostic capabilities and enhance the office workflow:

Multiple database management
Easy images acquisition device configuration
Advanced image filters
Wide choice and customization of templates for Full Mouth Series exams
Simulation of implant measurement and medical reports with teething preview
Voice guidance option for image acquisition
Images import/export in DICOM and other graphic formats: .jpg, .png, .bmp
Printing images with layout customization



Save time, optimize files’ management, and speed up the workflow

Easy to Use

Run the amazing features of Deep-View in a few simple steps


The interface innovative design makes Deep-View easy to use in multiple devices


Advanced cryptography techniques ensure data protection

High-definition digital images without additional post-process operations
Thanks to specific calibration files, exclusively provided by Trident, I-VIEW GOLD intraoral sensor captures perfect, top-quality images with excellent resolution (27 lp/mm). During the image acquisition, this tool perfectly cleans the radiography from any possible defect, for an effortless and immediate result.
Sensor Holder
Designed for an optimal sensor placement. The holder helps you to produce better & safer results in less time with lower radiation exposure for patients
  • Ergonomically designed for greatest patient comfort.
  • Securely holds sensor in place while giving you the precision and control you need to obtain the right shot.
  • Available in two sizes, size 1 and size 2, in bright and vivid colors for easy identification.
  • One ring, no changing between different rings for specific images.
  • Just by turning on the sensor holder, it is possible to use it in the upper and lower jaw.
1 X
Positioning Ring
The ring offers a perfect fixation and alignment of the holder. The double spacing for the holders including the cable clips offers a good fixation of the holder and cable. To protect the sensor cable the positioning ring is equipped with cable guides.
2 X
Periapical sensor holder
  • 1 model for upper left and lower right (UL/LR)
  • 1 model for upper right and lower left (UR/LL)
2 X
Endo sensor holder
  • 1 model for upper left and lower right (UL/LR)
  • 1 model for upper right and lower left (UR/LL)
2 X
Posterior sensor holder
  • 1 model for upper left and lower right (UL/LR)
  • 1 model for upper right and lower left (UR/LL)
1 X
Bitewing holder
The bitewing exposures using the Bitewing sensor holder, result in images in which the premolar regions are clearly visible. Thanks to the good position of the sensor the image covers a considerably larger area. The interdental spaces are sharply focused.