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RiX70 DC
Dental X-Ray Unit
Automatic Voltage Transformer
RiX70 DC appropriately works in a range of 100 to 240 V. The electrical system automatically detects the power wattage, allowing a safe and proper functioning with every voltage.
0.4 mm Focal Spot
The base for an accurate diagnostic is a good image. RiX70 DC with focal spot 0,4 mm gives you incredibly clear images with a high contrast range.
Reduction of radiation dose
The high frequency generator allows radiation stability eliminating the soft radiation that does not produce images but can be harmful for the patient.
Tube Voltage Selector
RiX70 DC operates either 60, 65 or 70 kV allowing to reach excellent results to satisfy your needs: Voltage 60 kV for caries detection or periodontal applications; 70 kV for endodontic applications, including visualization of canals, detection of root fractures and diagnosis of periapical lesions due to pulpal inflammation.
Automatic setting of exposure time
From 0.01 to 2.0 seconds, depending on the patient and tooth characteristics.
What does “DC” mean?
DC means amazing results with all the advantages of the more advanced electronic technology: rather than using alternating current, RiX70 DC applies a nearly constant potential to the tube. This constant potential supplies the tube with DC current, resulting in a constant stream of consistent radiation that maintains the preset kV values even with mains fluctuations.
Modern and clean design to offer you:
  • Compact and light tube head.
  • Steady and strong support arm.
  • Hand switch with 3 mt coiled cord.
  • Rectangular collimator 35 x 43 mm (optional).
  • Additional keypad installed near the tube head, for manual adjustment of the exposure time and tooth type.
  • Remote Timer to install outside of the X-ray room (optional)
  • Easy-to-read main control panel, with quickly identifiable icons.


  • Select the exposure parameters according to the patient morphology, tooth type and image receptor.
  • Adapt the radiation dose to lower or higher values.
  • Modify the exposure time for digital or film.
  • Select from 60, 65 or 70 kVp

Little details, great results

Two versions, wall-mounted and mobile, allow you to operate in any environment. Two different arm lengths to give the possibility of multiple applications. It is possible to choose between 60 or 80 cm in length. Automatic setting of exposure times from 0.01 to 2.0 seconds, depending on the characteristics of the patient’s teeth.

RiX70 DC is compatible with any image receptor available in the market

RiX70 DC intraoral X-ray unit was designed to give you the best results using the modern Trident digital images receptors:
I-View Gold Intraoral Sensor and phosphor plates for Reader.