Trident offers all the accessories you need to obtain the best of your Reader.

Phosphor plates

Flexible, thin and wireless,   the Trident phosphor plates are easily positionable and comfortable for the patient as the traditional film; they are available in the four most commonly used types, from 0 to 3:

Size 0   31 x 22 mm,   726 x 1024 pixel
Size 1   40 x 24 mm, 792 x 1321 pixel
Size 2   41 x 31 mm, 1024 x 1354 pixel
Size 3   54 x 27 mm,   891 x 1783 pixel

Protective covers

The phosphor plates are susceptible to scratching, ambient light and dust, which could shorten its useful life. To reduce the risk of damage during handling, use the Trident protective covers.

Hygienic bags

To protect patients and dental health care personnel against the risks of cross-infection, use the sleeves every time the plates are in contact with a patient.