Technical Information

Space Requirements for Installation

Wall Mounted version

Distance A: Is equal to the length of the arm 600/800 mm
Distance B: 1615mm for a 600 mm arm length 1815 mm for an 800 mm arm length

Mobile Version

Technical Parameters

System Supply

VoltageAC 100-240 ±
Frequency50/60 Hz
Electric current2.1 A(@240V), 5.5 A (@100V)
Max power consumption640 VA
Fuse6.3 AT
Connection7 wires cable with double insolation


Tube Voltage60 kVp ± 8 %
65 kVp ± 8 %
70 kVp ± 8 %
Anodic current7 mA± 10 %
Duty cycle 1/30 6 seconds minimum
Nominal power490 W (70 kVp – 7 mA)
Total filtration>1.5 mm Al eq.
Current transformer insulation Oil bath
CoolingAs per convention
Focal spot0.4 mm (IEC 60336)
Max thermal capacity of monoblock130 kJ
Focus to skin distance20 cm (8 5/8 inch)
Output radiation FieldΦ 60mm (2 3/8 inch)
Bean limiting device (additional)Rectangular 36 x45 mm

X-Ray Tube

Model Toshiba D-045CEI OX70-4
Target angle16° 20°
Filament currentMax. 3 A1.5 – 2.1 A
Max filament current3 V1.7 – 3.1 V
Anodic thermal capacity4.3 kJ7 kJ
Max anodic dissipation 100 W110 W
X RAY beam covering at 200 mm from the focus >= 70 mm>= 70 mm
Focal spot 0.4 mm (IEC 60336) 0.4 mm (IEC 60336)
Target materialTungstenTungsten
Max nominal voltage70 kV70 kV


Timer4.00 kg
Support arm 60 cm1.7 kg
Support arm 80 cm4.5 kg
Scissor arm11.4 kg
Tube head4.3 kg
Mobile stand base24 kg
Mobile stand column4.00 kg
Wall mounted version with 80 cm arm support25 kg
Mobile version45 kg
Package112 x 36 x h32.5 cm Weight: 27 kg