Technical Information

Space Requirements for Installation

Wall Mounted version

Mobile stand Version

System Supply

VoltageAC 230V/115 ±10%
Frequency50/60 Hz
Max power consumption920 VA
Fuse6.34(@230V) and 12 A(@115V)
Connection3 pin coaxial cord
Anodic electric current7mA±15%


Anodic current7mA±15%
Duty cycle 1/60
Total filtration≥2.1mmAl
Current transformer insulation Oil bath
CoolingAs per convention
Focal spot0.7 mm
Distance focus to skin22cm (8 5/8 inch)
Half-value layer70KV, about 1.6mmAl

X-Ray Tube

Model Toshiba D-0712
Inherent filtration>0.5 mm Al eq.
Filament current4 A
Max nominal voltage70 kV
Rated input power (0.1 s AC)560W IEC 60613
Max filament current2 – 2.5 V
Anodic thermal capacity17kJ
Max anodic dissipation 210W
X RAY beam covering at 200 mm from the focus > 70 mm
Nominal focus size 0.4 IEC 60336:2005
Anode materialTungsten