Cycles available

CycleTime (minutes)
Temperature (°C)
134°C Hollow 56134
121°C Hollow70121
134°C Solid 45134
121°C Solid 60121
134°C Fast Solid33134
134°C Wrapped46121
121°C Wrapped 28134
134°C Universal B35134
121°C Universal B55121
134°C Prion70143
Certificates available
CE mark issued by the ITC in the Czech Republic

SOLE Class B autoclave is compliant with the Medical Devices Directive

Risk class Class IIA laboratory medical device
Standards appliedEN 13060+A2:2010
EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-041
EN 61326-1
Registered with the Italian Ministry of Health Número atribuido:1002527/R 1002530/R
Clasificación: CND Z12011305
Nomenclatura GMDN 38671

Technical information

Chamber volumeMod.BA17L = 17Lt (17000cc)
Mod.BA22L = 22Lt (22000cc)
Tray dimensionsMod.BA17L = 28,5 x 19 cm
Mod.BA22L = 38 x 19 cm
Power supply 230 V AC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Max. Power2300 VA
Water Conductivity ≤ 15µS/cm
Water tank volume3,5 lt
Ambient temperatureEntre 5°C y 40°C
Relative humidityEntre 30% y 75%
Sterilization temperature/pressure 121°C / 1,0 -1,3 Bar
134°C / 2,1 – 2,3 Bar