CMOS intraoral sensor

We use the best of CMOS technology to produce surprising images.
I-VIEW is innovative, flexible and ultra-resistant.


CMOS, Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, is one of the logic families used in the manufacture of integrated circuits. An Active Pixel Sensor (APS) is a sensor able to detect light based on CMOS technology.

Thanks to CMOS technology, it is possible to integrate a range of functions into a sensor chip, such as luminosity control, a contrast corrector or an analogue-digital converter.

Advantages of CMOS:

  • Much lower electricity consumption
  • Economical (requires few external components)
  • Simultaneous reading of a higher number of pixels
  • The digital converter can be integrated into the chip itself
  • Little or no Blooming (“Smear”)
  • Greater reading flexibility (faster pre-view, video)
  • Pixels of different size and sensitivity can be combined