Patient positioning

Thanks to the ergonomic, clean-cut design, X-VIEW guarantees excellent patient positioning with the assistance of the fixing accessories: the biting block (for panoramic X-rays), the chin rest (for 3D X-rays), the temple stabilisers to keep the patient’s head stable, the head mirror, the Frankfurt horizontal plane laser light and the medium vertical laser all help to keep the patient in the appropriate position, reducing the need for further examinations. The height of the unit can easily be adapted using the motorised column.

Metal base

Depending on the amount of space available in the dental clinic, X-VIEW can be installed directly on the wall or placed free-standing on an optional metal support.

7-inch colour touchscreen

The ideal size of the display allows users to easily read the anatomic icons that guide them rapidly and intuitively through the menu.

DC Generator

X-VIEW avoids the emission of unnecessary radiation by using a high-frequency “pulse mode” generator that guarantees a perfect balance between the image quality required and the amount of radiation emitted.

X-VIEW evolves and develops in response to your needs: